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Hi, there!

I'm Amy and I write compelling cozy, historical, and Gothic mysteries that'll keep you up past your bedtime. You'll find families—the ones we're born with and the ones we choose. You'll find books you can read in front of your kids or your grandmother. You'll find some humor, too, and of course you'll find murder...

They're mysteries you'll love to Reade.

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Are you ready for an adventure?


Start here by telling me what kind of mystery you like best.


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The Juniper Junction Cozy Holiday Mysteries

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The Libraries of the World Mysteries
(dual timeline)

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The Cape May Historical Mysteries

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The Malice Mysteries
(Gothic and suspense)

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The Standalones
(Gothic and Suspense)

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new cover!

Featured posts on the Blog...

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July 2, 2024
Bleak Midwinter, Summer Solstice
no justice for the deceived.webp
April 8, 2024
Justice, San Francisco Style

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