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House on Candlewick Lane cove.webp
The House on Candlewick Lane


​Dr. Greer Dobbins finds herself in the middle of every parent's worst nightmare when her five-year-old daughter, Ellie, is kidnapped from school. As Greer follows the kidnapper's trail to Scotland, the country of her birth, she realizes that in order to find Ellie, she will have to face the memories from her past that continue to haunt her and threaten her future and that of her little girl. 

Higland Peril cover.webp
Highland Peril

Sylvie Carmichael and her husband Seamus are living in the Highlands of Scotland, happy with their art gallery, their antique shop, and Sylvie's photography business, when a stranger from London appears looking for a special painting. Within hours, a second person has come to find that same painting; suddenly the first stranger is dead, the second person is gone, and the painting has disappeared. What was so special about that painting? As those people who want it get closer and closer, Sylvie will find her very life is in danger. And that's not all she has to worry about...she's beginning to realize that Seamus hides a secret that may change everything.

Murder in Thistlecross cover.webp

Murder in Thistlecross

Eilidh Cameron comes to Wales from the Scottish Highlands following a tragic and bitter divorce. As the house manager for a centuries-old castle in the village of Thistlecross, it's her job to make sure the children of Annabel Baines are comfortable and entertained while they visit Annabel. And as Annabel's friend, it's her fear that Annabel's sons are hiding something. From the moment the first son arrives with his wife, it's clear there are tensions in the family that will have to be resolved for the sake of peace in the castle. And when a shocking murder takes place, Eilidh feels it is her duty to remain at the castle to help Annabel through the painful aftermath. But Eilidh's fierce devotion to Annabel may prove to be more dangerous than she could have imagined.

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