Secrets of Hallstead House

Macy Stoddard, a nurse from Manhattan, comes to Hallstead Island in the North Country of New York to escape her haunting pain.  It is here that Macy discovers secrets that were not meant to be shared – secrets that reach back into Macy’s past and that will change her future and the futures of the people on Hallstead Island.  There are those, however, who will stop at nothing to keep the secrets that are hidden there. 

What people are saying:


"I loved this book. It’s been so long since I found a gothic reminiscent of Phyllis Whitney or Victoria Holt, but I think I have found their 21st century match in Amy Reade."


from Rosee, Goodreads


"This was an amazing first novel by Amy Reade. Once I started it, I almost, literally, could not put it down."




from Melina, Goodreads

The Ghosts of Peppernell Manor

Carleigh Warner, a recently-divorced mother, leaves her home in Chicago to take a job restoring an antebellum plantation manor outside Charleston, South Carolina.  As she and her three-year-old daughter are beginning their new life in the South, Carleigh becomes aware of an underlying tension in the household among family members who disagree over the future of the property.  After the untimely death of the manor's owner, rifts become wider and suspicions swirl as the family struggles to learn who is behind the disturbing occurrences that begin to take place at Peppernell Manor.  

What people are saying:


"I have just finished The Ghosts of Peppernell Manor and literally could not put it down! ... I enjoyed every minute of escape that this book gave me."


from 5-star Amazon review


"I was hooked on this book right from the start."


from 5-star Barnes & Noble review

House of the Hanging Jade

Kailani Kanaka, a sous-chef in Washington, DC, is tired of winter and longs to return home to her native Hawaii. When she is offered a job as personal chef to the Jorgensen family on the island of Hawaii, she jumps at the chance to go back to the tropics. But all is not what it seems in the Jorgensen household. Kailani unwittingly becomes a keeper of secrets, forcing her to make tough decisions about her loyalties while simultaneously facing a stalker from her past. 

What people are saying:


"This book has a great setting (Hawaii), wonderful characters, twists and turns and a few surprises. My reading time is limited, but I couldn’t wait to pick this one up every day to see what would happen next."


from 5-star Amazon review


"This is a excellent piece of suspense fiction. I could easily see it made into a movie of the week.."


from 5-star Barnes & Noble review

The House on Candlewick Lane


Dr. Greer Dobbins finds herself in the middle of every parent's worst nightmare when her five-year-old daughter, Ellie, is kidnapped from school. As Greer follows the kidnapper's trail to Scotland, the country of her birth, she realizes that in order to find Ellie, she will have to face the memories from her past that continue to haunt her and threaten her future and that of her little girl. 

What people are saying:


"This is an author you will want to get to know!"


from 5-star Amazon review

"From the very first page, we are thrown headlong into this story of lies, betrayal, and deception, and the fast-paced energy continues all the way through to the end.

from Goodreads

Highland Peril

Sylvie Carmichael and her husband Seamus are living in the Highlands of Scotland, happy with their art gallery, their antique shop, and Sylvie's photography business, when a stranger from London appears looking for a special painting. Within hours, a second person has come to find that same painting; suddenly the first stranger is dead, the second person is gone, and the painting has disappeared. What was so special about that painting? As those people who want it get closer and closer, Sylvie will find her very life is in danger. And that's not all she has to worry about...she's beginning to realize that Seamus hides a secret that may change everything.

What people are saying:


"The plot was intriguing and as I read I just couldn't put it down."


from 5-star Amazon review

I really enjoyed this book. I was instantly intrigued with the premise of setting a mystery around this lesser-known period of Scottish History and it drew me in right from the start.


Murder in Thistlecross

Eilidh Cameron comes to Wales from the Scottish Highlands following a tragic and bitter divorce. As the house manager for a centuries-old castle in the village of Thistlecross, it's her job to make sure the children of Annabel Baines are comfortable and entertained while they visit Annabel. And as Annabel's friend, it's her fear that Annabel's sons are hiding something. From the moment the first son arrives with his wife, it's clear there are tensions in the family that will have to be resolved for the sake of peace in the castle. And when a shocking murder takes place, Eilidh feels it is her duty to remain at the castle to help Annabel through the painful aftermath. But Eilidh's fierce devotion to Annabel may prove to be more dangerous than she could have imagined.

What people are saying:


"Reade places the gothic elements seamlessly into contemporary Wales, essentially creating a new genre: the modern gothic mystery."


from 5-star Amazon review

It was very hard to say goodbye to characters that I've grown to love in the Malice series. Maybe one day our paths will cross again!

The Worst Noel: Book 1 in the Juniper Junction Holiday Mystery Series

You know it's going to be a long day when you come to work on the busiest shopping day of the year to find a dead body on the floor.


Juniper Junction, Colorado, isn't some gun-slinging Wild-West outpost; it's a tony resort town where people go to get away from it all. And as President of the Chamber of Commerce, it's Lilly Carlsen's job to make sure that happens.


But add two teenagers, a failing parent, and a deadbeat ex-husband to the mix, and Christmas is shaping up to be murder. 

What people are saying:


"This novel has it all - mystery, romance, family drama and a twist that will come as a surprise - at least it did to me - but will have you nodding your head and asking yourself why you didn't figure it out."


from 5-star Amazon review

"Pour a glass (or mug) of your favorite libation, curl up in your best reading chair, and make yourself comfy. You'll want to read this book in one sitting."

from Goodreads

Dead, White, and Blue: Book 2 in the Juniper Junction Holiday Mystery Series

Summer is getting hotter in Juniper Junction, Colorado.

There’s a firebug on the loose, the townspeople are nervous, and Lilly Carlsen, single mom to two teenagers, has even more to worry about. She’s in charge of the Independence Day celebration, her mother’s mental health is declining, and her son is getting ready to leave for college.

But things are about to get even hotter: when a bistro owner dies at the celebration and Lilly’s best friend is charged with murder, events start hitting close to home. It’s up to Lilly to help clear her friend’s name while at the same time dealing her mom’s worsening forgetfulness as well as a coming-of-age issue under her own roof.   

What people are saying:


"Author Reade doesn't just delve into the mystery of a murder and unexplained fires; she delves into parenting, teen drinking, and dementia with a deft hand that makes this COZY an illuminating and enlightening read."


from 5-star Amazon review

"I read this book in one sitting and did not want it to end. Bring on Book Three!! Definitely need to be able to give more than 5 stars."

from 5-star Goodreads review

Trudy's Diary


Daisy Carruthers moved to Washington, DC, from New York City following an emotionally draining murder investigation, little knowing she would soon be involved in two more. But when her boss and her best friend come under suspicion for killing two adulterous lovers, Daisy has no choice but to help when they ask. 

And when she comes across a diary and an old dime novel with suspiciously similar stories and unknown origins, she knows all the mysteries are somehow connected.

Can she figure out the identity of the killer--or killers--before it's too late?

What people are saying:

" I especially enjoyed the mystery within a mystery and how the author wove these components throughout the novel. Congratulations to Ms. Reade on a successful mystery that kept me reading long into the night!"

from 5-star Amazon review

"Whether I was stepping into the past or attempting to unmask today’s killer, I was thoroughly engrossed with the happenings in Trudy’s Diary."

from Goodreads

Be My Valencrime: Book 3 in the Juniper Junction Holiday Mystery Series


It’s Valentine’s Day in Juniper Junction and love is in the air. Or is that just a dark cloud?

Lilly’s shop assistant, Harry, is about to pop the question to his girlfriend, Alice Davenport. He’s got the ring, he’s planned a romantic dinner, and he’s even thought of a gracious escape if Alice says no.

The only thing missing is…Alice.

Lilly wants to do all she can to help find Alice, even if that means interfering with a police investigation. But as she begins to learn more about Harry’s sweet, unassuming girlfriend, she discovers that Alice is hiding a shocking secret that will complicate everything.

And when Lilly suffers a lapse in judgment, the consequences are swift and painful. Can she pull herself together enough to help her daughter through a tunnel of teenage angst, deal with her mother’s dementia-related wanderings, and still help Harry find his Happily Ever After?

What people are saying:

"Another superbly crafted and entertaining [read] from Amy M. Reade. You'll want to catch up on the whole Juniper Junction series."

from 5-star Amazon review

"This book had everything I enjoy in a cozy mystery. There are surprises, a charming location, and a diverse group of believable characters, as well as a crime that's difficult to solve."

from 5-star Amazon review


Cape Menace: A Cape May Historical Holiday (Book 1 in the Cape May Historical Mystery Collection)

The year is 1714. Two years have passed since Ruth Hanover vanished into the wilderness of the New Jersey colony without a trace, leaving behind her husband, William, and their daughter, Sarah. Though William and Sarah have never stopped hoping that Ruth will return, as time goes by it becomes less and less likely they will ever see her again.


Now William is acting strangely. He won’t tell Sarah why he’s conducting business with a mysterious stranger in the middle of the night, he won’t explain the sudden increase in his income, and he won’t share with her what people in town are saying about her mother’s disappearance.


When the time comes for Sarah to face her father’s secrets and figure out why her mother never came home that December day in 1712, what she learns will shock her tiny community on the New Jersey cape and leave her fighting for her life.


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