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Book 1: Trudy's Diary (2019)

When anthropologist Daisy Carruthers flees New York to Washington, DC, following a grueling murder investigation, she has no way of knowing she’s hurtling toward a collision with a killer.

Two lovers have been murdered. Two men are accused of the killings. One of the accused is a close friend of Daisy, and the other is her new boss. Daisy wants to believe in the innocence of both men, but as time goes on, some things just aren’t adding up.

And when Daisy finds two eerily similar stories in items that have found their way into her possession—a book from 1910 and a mysterious diary from 1865—she begins to suspect they have something to do with the murders of the two lovers.

Can she figure out how the books and the present-day deaths are connected before it’s too late?

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